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  1. Organic DAP Fertilizer

    FARMADIL UMMID PLUS is made from high quality Bentonite Powder, Bonmil Powder, Humic Acid, Dolomite, Seaweed extract, cows urine, wormy wash etc. natural mineral elements. There is Pure Wormy wash Liquid and natural calcium in FARMADIL UMMID PLUS granules which reduces hardness of the soil and very essential in development of vegetation. Soil will become more fertile. FARMADIL UMMID PLUS is the best option available for Chemical DAP Fertilizer as above element while sowing. All necessary required elements are present in required proportion. These is a marvelous invention in the field of agriculture as it can be used as a substitute of DAP and NPK Fertilizers. By the use of FARMADIL UMMID PLUS production will increase and soil will become soft and fruitful. At that time of use of this fertilizer take safety on moisture and not mix it with any other fertilizer. Result of FARMADIL UMMID PLUS can be seen after 6 to 7 days on application. Effect of this fertilizer lasts up to 90 days.
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  2. Shiny Ball Humic

    FARMADIL SHINY BALLS is very good for soil application for germination of seeds and plant growth promoter. Granules are very slow dissolve in water so plant can extract its elements in long time. Being a leader in the industry, we are engaged in offering a qualitative range of FARMADIL Shiny Ball to our clients. By the use of FARMADIL SHINY BALL physiological and biochemical functions of the plants are increased. In favor of stomata opening activity, it directly participates in photosynthesis.
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